About Us

Forages H. Nueno SL is a family business producing fodder farm, located in the Norte del Valle del Ebro, which is considered the best area in Europe for the alfalfa and forage crop for its high protein content, its delicious flavor, smoothness and color green.

Business activity arises in the agricultural sector in 1990 with the establishment of a family business Hnos Ciria Nueno SC, 28 April 2004 as a limited company is established for an indefinite period, which are called Forage Hnos SL With experience Nueno two generations, inheriting the passion and dedication, incorporating the latest techniques and technologies in the cultivation, storage and classification of forage such as alfalfa, vetch, sainfoin, Festuca .....

Currently in our database we have a portfolio of more than 500 clients distributed both nationwide and within the Community. Forages H. Nueno SL, a leader in the collection and distribution of the straw in the peninsula, close the circle from growing, harvesting and transport to the start destination, ensuring the entire process to ensure the quality and price.

It has strengthened the relationship with dehydrating plant, which has allowed us to close the production process, phase transformation and marketing. Indeed, this last phase the most important for our company, extends both domestically and internationally (especially in countries like France and Portugal and in recent years in Romania.


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